Core Values



Students should have the ability to explore in their learning. This includes but is not limited to their ability to learn independently, in flexible groups, and on learning expeditions. This ability to design their own learning questions and experiences through exploration is central to our design.


Relationships are critical in everyone’s lives. By focusing our school on relationships we open students up to the idea that relationships are necessary and their role in relationships is vital to their current and future successes. This goes beyond classroom relationships as well and speaks to our desire to form strong partnerships with parents and the community abroad in line with our mission of educating the whole child, supporting the whole family, and providing growth and change opportunities for the whole community. This must be modeled by all teachers and staff as well as discussed daily in morning crew meetings.

Celebration of High Academic Achievement

A student’s understanding of their own limitations, or lack thereof, when afforded the appropriate educational opportunities is essential to breaking the cycles that exist in our communities. In order to bring high academic achievement to the forefront of student thinking and interactions we have chosen this as a core value. Students will be celebrated in morning meetings, community feedback sessions, and through displayed work throughout the building.

Civic Engagement/Responsibility

A student’s understanding of their role in the big picture of community and societal life is critical to our student’s being successful lifelong learners and globally competitive. Through service learning and other opportunities provided by learning expeditions to communicate directly with a unique community audience our students will have a deep and broad understanding of the role they play in being change agents within their school, home, and community.


Undergirding all of our core values will be the exposure of our students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Biblical worldview in our classrooms. This will be demonstrated through their commitment to servant leadership and character development. We believe this will be cultivated intentionally through curriculum, and organically through deep and meaningful relationships with teachers, peers, and mentors.