Our Mission and Vision


Mission Statement:

Peace Preparatory Academy seeks to be a place that educates the whole child, supports the whole family, and provides growth and change opportunities for the whole community in a high quality, Christ-centered learning environment.


Vision Statement:

Peace Preparatory Academy seeks to be the embodiment of the hopes and dreams for our neighbors and our communities, specifically related to the educational options that exist. We firmly believe that a school can be a place of transformation, not only for its students, but also for the families it serves, and the communities it will surely have an impact on. This is evidenced in our core commitments to the whole child, the whole family, and the whole community. Our mission will transcend beyond what traditional schools have offered by way of instruction and support as we seek to create programs and practices that reflect where our communities have been, where they are today, and where they can be tomorrow with a well-equipped group of young leaders poised to face new challenges.

We will do this by becoming full partners with a nationwide comprehensive school reform model, Expeditionary Learning, which has been endorsed by the sitting President of the United States and Secretary of Education as a model for all schools. This model engages students in intensive workshop based classroom instruction for reading, writing, and math, and field experiences for science and social studies, which incorporate the reading, writing, and math from the classroom. Lastly, our commitment to the following core values will strengthen our role to go beyond education and into true and lasting transformation: exploration, relationships, celebration of high academic achievement, civic engagement/responsibility, and Christlikeness.